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Why Do You Need ECommerce PPC?

PPC Services – Help You To Win Loyal Customers

If so, e-commerce PPC can be just what your business needs to boost visitors. However, a lot of myths keep people from benefiting from e-commerce PPC.

We’ll look at five reasons why e-commerce PPC is a great option for any online business in this blog post. But let’s start there if you’re not familiar with eCommerce PPC.

Let's look at some of the factors that make e-commerce PPC so effective:

High ROI​

Enhances SEO

Increased Click-Through Rate

Quickly alter your course of action

Increased Brand Performance and Awarenes

Why Choose Us

In addition to keeping our clients satisfied, our customer-focused services set us apart from the other PPC service providers in India. There are no dents or nicks in the goodwill we have built up in the marketplace. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Customer relationship management is used as a straightforward technique to assist in and foster positive customer relationships. The device is incredibly practical and easy to use.

Responsible project manager: We are aware of the importance of staying in touch with our esteemed clients, which is why we have engaged a committed project manager who works closely with the client.

4/7 customer service desk Our 24-hour customer service system is unmatched. We are available day and night to answer your questions. We favour ongoing one-on-one communication with our clientele.

Performance monitoring: We give you monthly, biweekly, and daily reports that assist us in monitoring the development of your business.

What Can We Do To Manage Your PPC
Campaign Successfully?

Display Advertising

You can post targeted web adverts using our display advertising services. We, a leading Pay Per Click digital marketing agency in India, are aware of your company's needs. We place your company's banners on the greatest and most prominent websites so that the public perceives your company as trustworthy. PPC also aids in raising your brand's visibility.

Secure best Place on Google

The best way to boost traffic to your website is through PPC. Using your keywords and the clicks you can afford, we will develop advertising. When the dedicated bandwidth of the paid clicks is exceeded, your PPC package will expire. The advertisement is time-specific; it is not on all the time. PPC, however, benefits companies of all sizes, small and large.

Remarketing and Retargeting

The professionals at Ecom Media Agency can help you if you want to entice a web user who clicked on your advertisement but did not express any interest in purchasing your services back to your site. Utilize our remarketing and retargeting services to keep your target market informed about your business. The viewer's screen will display display style adverts. Every time a visitor goes online, your business will be subtly reminded of them.

Product listing Ads

These advertisements include more thorough details regarding commercial services and goods. Service listing ads aren't always the greatest if you're trying to maximise the return on your advertising investment. However, if you're seeking for a particular service, such as a crane, locksmith, or even a doctor, these advertisements are excellent for drawing in the audience.

What Our Ecommerce Clients Says

Ridhima Arora Founder of shark tank founded Namhya Foods

Our support team's construction by them is as unique as our company. We seem to work better together and so accomplish more in less time.

Anshul Sood Founder of Oceedee

We really like that they had been in the industry for so long. They have a vast portfolio and lots of happy customers.

Shrawan Daga Founder of Krishna's Ayurveda & Herbal

Great sales and targets were reached and surpassed. We ended the program due to our complete selling out of inventory on the program.

Aruni kapoor Co-Founder of Pleats By Aruni

The first year we worked with Ecom Media Agency we saw a considerable increase in leads, revenue, traffic, you name it. It was impressive.

    What Services do we offer

    Competitive Analysis

    To assist your brand in reaching out to new potential clients, our team of eCommerce PPC professionals research keyword opportunities as well as the competitive landscape.

    Google Shopping Advertisements

    Our team creates Google Shopping campaigns that boost income. Our professional marketers optimize your account, bids, and more to increase ROI.

    Google Display and Search Ads

    We create campaigns based on high-impact keywords and methods that help increase website traffic while maintaining a cheap cost-per-click.

    Social Media Promotion

    Our Marketing and Design Team can create one-of-a-kind advertising that is meant to convert on Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere in between.

    E-Commerce Retargeting

    Our eCommerce PPC professionals are here to nurture website visitors by presenting the products they have previously browsed on the internet.

    Optimization and Reporting

    With our constant eCommerce SEO reporting and improvement, you will always be aware of the status of your website. To help rankings, we track performance and provide continuing support.

    FAQ On E-Commerce PPC Services

    For instance, one of the most widely used forms of e-commerce PPC is Google shopping advertisements. PPC is a great business model for e-commerce companies since it is so data-driven. You have limitless room for testing, scaling, and optimization—all of which are ideal for an e-commerce business strategy.

    PPC has a large readership. The ability to communicate with a huge audience is one of the main advantages of PPC. There is a tonne of traffic on Google; in fact, 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine, most frequently Google.

    Ecommerce PPC services give your company a number of benefits, such as:
    • Get significant positioning in search results
    • Immediately increase sales
    • saving time
    1. Ecommerce PPC services give your company a number of benefits, such as:
    2. Get more qualified traffic
    3. Use a cost-effective advertising option
    4. Create hyper-targeted ads
    5. Generate more brand awareness
    6. Measure results with ease

    Affordable Advertising In theory, PPC allows you to function with no minimum budget, even though certain agencies and PPC specialists will prescribe an effective budget for your campaigns. You can invest as little or as much money in your campaigns as you'd like.

    Our team of experts at Ecom Media Agency, an award-winning PPC business, knows what it takes to generate the best ROI from your PPC campaigns. To put things in perspective, over the last 3 years, we've handled more than 650 campaigns and assisted our clients in generating over $1.5 billion in revenue.

    Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are the main focus we have. You can contact us anytime to run your PPC campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook etc. We can also help you in running ppc campaigns on several other PPC channels like Bing, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, SlideShare etc.

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